About Phlashback

Phlashback was founded by Rod Joseph and Russ Berry. The name is a combination of the words "photo" and "flashback" due to the fact that the app will provide you with a flashback of your life through the use of photos.


The average person has over 2,000 images stored on their phones. These are images that make up our lives, our very own history. We all love looking at our old photos but in reality we rarely have the time to do so. Why? Becasue life moves on and we carry on creating more photos - we live in the today. You get a special feeling when you look over old photos, Phlashback aims to provide you with this special feeling more frequently by spurising you with your own memories.


Phlashback will then send you a PUSH notification (you can choose when and how often). It will then use your camera roll and select a random photo or photos from your past. When you open the notification the app will show you photos from your past.

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Our mission

Our mission is simple. We want to make you smile by bringing your forgotten photos back to life.

Meet the team


We built Phlashback to bring your forgotten photos back to life. Your photo history is yours and yours alone so we do not copy, store or share your photos. So, you are always in control of your own photos and they will never fall into the wrong hands.

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How it all started...

I take so many photos. Photos of the kids, holiday photos, photos with friends - photos of pretty much anything. I have photos on my phone that date back 6 years but I never look back at them. It's like they've gone to a photo graveyard never to be viewed again. I love it when my wife sends me old random photos. Yet I never search for that photo of when my best mate fell off a barge all those years ago. Why? Two things came to my mind a) I just don't have the time and b) there are just too many photos to scroll through. It's then I thought, why can't an app periodically send me random photos from my past? Just like my wife does but from my own photo library. I spoke to Russ the next day and we ended up putting it all down on paper - it was the start of the Phlashback app, an app that surprises you with your own memories!

Surely everyone has this issue?

Rod Joseph

I think we've hit on something!

Russ Berry
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