Bring forgotten photos back to life with Phlashback!

What is it?

Phlashback is an app that will pleasantly surprise you with random photos from your past. There's a good chance they're photos that you've probably not seen in years! Not only can you look and reminisce over your Phlashback but you can also share them with family and friends.

Why you need it

The average person has over 2,000 images stored on their phone. So, there are literally thousands of old images on their mobiles that can quickly become obsolete. Phlashback helps us reminisce by keeping past moments alive. Friends and family can also benefit by seeing photos that they would never normally get to see or even knew existed.

How it works

Once you have downloaded the Phlashback app it will sporadically send you a PUSH notification showing you a random photo from your phone's library. You can change the frequency of these to as often or as little as you wish and choose from one or more photos to view.

What people are saying

It's free - how to get it

Phlashback is totally free to both download and use. To start receiving blasts from your past simply head to the AppStore and download the Phlashback app today!

Your privacy

We take privacy very seriously. Your photos are yours and yours alone. You are the only "person" who can see them. We do not save or store your photos at any time. The Phlashback app only uses the photos in your library to display them to you and you alone.

You're in control

You can choose how often you receive your Phlashback and how many photos you want in it.

Share with friends and family

Share your Phlashbacks with your friends and family and they can benefit by seeing photos that they would never normally get to see or even knew existed.

How it all started...

I take so many photos. Photos of the kids, holiday photos, photos with friends - photos of pretty much anything. I have photos on my phone that date back 6 years but I never look back at them. It's like they've gone to a photo graveyard never to be viewed again. I love it when my wife sends me old random photos. Yet I never search for that photo of when my best mate fell off a barge all those years ago. Why? Two things came to my mind a) I just don't have the time and b) there are just too many photos to scroll through. It's then I thought, why can't an app periodically send me random photos from my past? Just like my wife does but from my own photo library. I spoke to Russ the next day and we ended up putting it all down on paper - it was the start of the Phlashback app, an app that surprises you with your own memories!

Surely everyone has this issue?

Rod Joseph

I think we've hit on something!

Russ Berry
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